Not With That Attitude

Shia Labeouf once told us all to “Just do it, to make your dreams come true.” He is right about that statement but doesn’t fully go into how you should make your dreams come true. Well it is because you have that attitude. You know what attitude I am talking about. It is the defeatist […]

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Heaven’s Bounty

Samuel – An angel with dark grey wings (fallen angel of death) Azrael’s twin brother, welds a weapon called a man -catcher Azrael – An angel with light grey wings (angel of death) Samuel’s twin brother, welds a septum (a polearm) John – A recently deceased human ————————————————————————————————————————————— Setting: John wakes up on a small […]

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I am tired of a lot of things in my life. Most are manageable, however one thing is getting old. I just want people to leave me alone (yea I understand, I am putting something up on the internet and I want people to leave me alone. I get it.). Hear me out, I have […]

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Not a Writer

I am not a writer, this should be obvious from reading some of my posts. I haven’t been able to come up with stories or poems for quite a while now. I think I understand what the problem is and it may be this. When I wrote my stories and poems I was happier perhaps […]

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Gray Winged Angel

We are saviors of a different type and our cause is our own. We stalk the shadows where we dwell, but we also shine when faced with the utmost adversity. We are killers, we are healers, we are saviors, we are conquerors, and we deal in all spectrums of the same cause. One is not […]

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Whimsy vs. Reality

Swimming in the ocean, I feel the cold water around me and the salt on my skin. Splashing, I stare into the endless horizon of water before me. The ocean is erratic, never ceasing its well-rehearsed act, it knows its roles better than the greatest actors of Hollywood. Oh how I would love to swim […]

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