I am independent, politically I mean and financially, socially, emotionally, all around independent. I can’t say that I have belonged to any one group in my life; I’ve tried to be a jock played football when I was in middle school and as a freshmen in high school didn’t do so well I was on the fifth string, there were only three strings, but the coaches liked me because I had heart and didn’t complain much. I tried band all through middle school wasn’t very good at that I was in the Percussion section. I did manage to become the best percussionist in the 8th grade however, there were no other percussionist in the 8th grade. I decided that maybe the nerds, the magic the gathering / yugioh crowd was more my style, but I lost interest in what they were doing after a while. I am independent, I don’t belong to any group and I like it that way most groups there are certain rules for membership. Regardless of what group you enter into there are rules some practical and others ideological. I can deal with practical rules well and good most ideological rules I can’t abide, but more on that later. What is important here and now is that you know that I consider my independence a very important thing in my life. Yes, it sounds like I was complaining above about my experiences in middle and high school, however somethings in life are just funny and you must remember where you have been to see where you are, yes it’s cliche I don’t care.


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